Seamless Fleet Maintenance Enabled by Digital Work Orders

Managing maintenance work orders often involves stacks of paperwork, manual data entry, and the risk of information getting lost in transit. Here's where the concept of work order software steps in. By digitizing your work order management, you unlock a range of benefits that are bound to enhance your fleet's operational efficiency.

How Can an Electronic Work Order Solution Help You?

With the advent of technology, traditional paper-based work orders have evolved into a more efficient and streamlined solution– Electronic Work Orders. Everything is stored in a centralized digital repository, making it a breeze to manage, access, and update work orders. The digital nature of these work orders drastically reduces the chances of manual errors. Moreover, each action is logged, creating a trail of accountability.

Automated Maintenance Workflows

Automated processes and centralized digital records streamline maintenance workflows, reducing administrative overhead and saving valuable time

Improved Data Organization

All maintenance-related information, including work orders, service history, and documentation, is stored in one accessible location, promoting better organization and easy retrieval

Faster Turnaround

Swift access to digital work orders and historical data leads to quicker maintenance task execution, minimizing vehicle downtime and maximizing operational efficiency


Digital logs of all actions and communications create a transparent record, facilitating accountability for maintenance tasks and decisions.

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Discover Our Fleet Maintenance Work Order App

Gain valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of vehicle downtime, along with a focus on high-priority issues that hinder operational efficiency, through the vehicle maintenance issue management feature in MexLucky.

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Integrated Workflow

Create, manage, and track work orders directly from issues or from automated maintenance reminder

Real-time collaboration

Facilitate smooth communication with vendors and repair shops, enabling efficient coordination and timely completion of repairs

Task Prioritization

Prioritize maintenance tasks based on urgency, ensuring that critical repairs are addressed promptly to minimize downtime.

Audit Trail and Cost Tracking

Maintain a clear and comprehensive audit trail of all maintenance actions, ensuring transparency and accountability. Monitor maintenance costs, time spent on each work order to calculate accurate expenses associated with each work order to control expenditures and allocate resources effectively

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Hassle-free maintenance management with digital work orders

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