Efficient Fuel Management for Fleet Vehicles

Gather all your fuel data accurately and quickly in one place. Understand and manage your fuel consumption and fuel costs which helps to reduce operating costs and cost of ownership.

The best app for fuel consumption tracking

Fuel consumption or efficiency or mileage is an important metric for fleets, it helps fleet managers manage costs, identify inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions that impact the bottom line

Localised Units of Measurement

MexLucky lets you track the fuel consumption of each vehicle in your choice of unit based on your location. Choose from MPG (US or UK), L/100km, and km/L. Fuel efficiency can also help you appoint the correct vehicles for the assignment.

Better Visibility

Any deviation from the regular economy could mean certain issues like driving behavior issues, fuel theft, or the need for maintenance.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is the most significant expenditure faced by any fleet. With a fuel management system, you can easily monitor your fleet's fuel usage and optimize its efficiency. You can see exactly where your vehicle is spending the most fuel, what type of fuel you use, and how efficient your vehicle really is.

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With MexLucky

With real-time updates from drivers and operators, get actionable insights and stay on top of your fuel trends

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Make drivers accountable

A mobile first approach allows drivers and operators across the organisation to access fleet data wherever they are. Drivers or operators can easily add fuel fill-ups and upload fuel receipts on the go from anywhere on their smartphones.

Real-time fuel updates

With our central cloud repository, this information is relayed immediately to the fleet manager or fleet owner. Real-time data about fuel consumption enable companies to make decisions based on accurate information. This allows them to manage their resources effectively and improve their bottom lines.

Catch trends and stay ahead of it

Fleet managers can track efficiency and look at the trends on our dashboard. Fuel efficiency dashboards are helping in better manage their fleet operations and save money. These tools allow managers to monitor trends, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle usage all with an easy, intuitive dashboard that makes it easier than ever to see how much you're spending on gas.

Quick insights

You can view detailed reports showing you how much fuel your vehicle uses over time, including miles driven, gallons used, and miles per gallon. You can also compare your current mileage against previous months, and set goals to improve your overall fuel economy. Statistics like fuel cost per day, total fuel cost, and fuel cost per mile give fleet owners & managers deep insights into their fuel requirements and costs.

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