Quick Identification & Resolution for Vehicle Repairs

Enable fleet managers to track vehicle issues, stay compliant with regulatory requirements, and make quick decisions regarding preventive actions. Whether the issue is a result of a breakdown or arises during routine inspections, MexLucky can help ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of a fleet.

Eliminate roadblocks to operational success

Vehicle issue management software refers to a system that streamlines the process of tracking and managing vehicle issues, from identifying the problem to resolving it. Implementing such a software can bring a multitude of advantages.

Preventive actions

Capturing and reporting issues as soon as they arise enables preventive actions, reducing the likelihood of quality issues occurring. This can lead to cost savings and optimal power management, as vehicles are maintained in good condition.

Seamless Operations

By linking issues to in-house Work Orders, repair and maintenance can be scheduled promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

Vehicle issue management software helps maintain compliance with safety and regulatory requirements, preventing penalties, reputational damage, and costly legal battles.

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Effortlessly manage downtime and prioritize critical issues for uninterrupted operations.

Gain valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of vehicle downtime, along with a focus on high-priority issues that hinder operational efficiency, through the vehicle maintenance issue management feature in MexLucky.

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Mobile first

MexLucky's mobile app offers a top-notch defect reporting feature that allows users to capture vehicle issues as soon as they occur. This feature enables users to report issues on the go, regardless of their location, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Real-time collaboration

Vehicle issue management module can lead to real-time collaboration, allow users to track, prioritize, and discuss repairs needed increasing team productivity and efficiency.

Complete audit trail

Maintaining a complete audit trail with is crucial for organizations that need to maintain quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements. The ability to record every detail about an issue and its resolution against a specific asset, enhances the reliability and integrity of inspections and adds value to the organization's overall process.

Quick insights

Using MexLucky to gain insight into your fleet maintenance can offer many benefits. For example, it can help to calculate average issue resolution times, enabling you to spot assets that require high maintenance and take necessary steps to increase efficiency

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