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Outdated systems like spreadsheets and paper can lead to inefficiencies and poor decisions due to lack of real-time information. MexLucky is a fleet management and maintenance tool which provides real-time insight into asset health, expenses, and team productivity.


Fleet visibility and insight are essential components of effective fleet management. Utilizing fleet management software can provide a comprehensive view of fleet operations, allowing for data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Easily readable data visualizations for fuel, services, expenses and trip statistics


See upcoming reminders, renewals and most recent activity on your vehicles


Our intuitive interface allows fleet managers to track their fleet's performance and find areas for improvement efficiently.

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Vehicle maintenance reports are essential for fleet management, but many fleets struggle to keep up with record-keeping. Fleet reporting software can help streamline the process and control expenses.


Leveraging vehicle maintenance reports is an effective way to control expenses and improve fleet performance. By tracking asset utilization and calculating maintenance costs per vehicle, fleet managers can make informed decisions about fleet size and preventive maintenance scheduling for maximum cost savings.


Tracking fleet maintenance trends through service history is a great way to gain insight into recurring issues and make better decisions for the future.


Get automatically generated stats essential for keeping your fleet health in check

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