USA based Lowe Electric Supply Company streamlines operations with MexLucky.

USA based Lowe Electric Supply Company streamlines operations with MexLucky.

About Lowe Electric Supply Co.

Established in 1903, Lowe Electric Supply Company is a leading full-service electrical wholesale distributor in the USA. With its founding principles of providing ‘quality electrical products with premium service’, Lowe has continued to grow and diversify for over a century. The company supplies to contractors across various industries and services its customers through multiple branches and a fleet of daily delivery trucks.

Before Switching to MexLucky

Lowe Electric Supply Co. needed a more time and cost effective way to manage their fleet of delivery vehicles. The issues causing operational challenges were:


Lowe needed a fleet management system that enabled them to operate as per DOT requirements, for their fleet of commercial vehicles.

Maintenance Management:

The lack of an efficient system and platform to keep track of vehicle maintenance and inspections, which in turn affected keeping a track of operational costs.

Fleet Health:

Lowe required an efficient way to keep track of issues arising in vehicles and plan for timely inspection of the same.


The client’s previous fleet management system did not allow for one stop solutions. It did not cover all imperative requirements and was more rigid.


How MexLucky Worked

The intuitive MexLucky app empowers you to perform all essential fleet management tasks and monitor fleet health, with ease. Here’s what got the wheels turning for Lowe:

Efficient Automation

MexLucky’s inherent automated systems allowed for scheduled reminders for fleet maintenance and inspections, making it the right fit for Lowe Electric. The automated system also enabled the client to stay on top of vehicle inspections and repairs – extremely beneficial in curtailing major repair costs, getting more accurate cost calculations and determining sale or upgradation of vehicles.

Centralized Operations

A comprehensive centralized location for all aspects of fleet management - such as fuel logs, repairs, receipts, mileage tracking and expense tracking - proved to be pivotal in ensuring more seamless operations.

Ease of Use

MexLucky has proven to be extremely easy to use for drivers and management alike. The much-appreciated user interface and system scalabality as per fleet size, make it a convenient, viable and cost effective option.


Customizable inspection forms allowed for Lowe to adhere to compliance under DOT regulations.

Hear from Brandon Roberson

In conversation with Brandon Roberson, Inventory Control Manager, Lowe Electric Supply Company:

Our previous fleet management system wasn’t covering everything we were trying to achieve. MexLucky gives us more options and more flexibility.”
“What it’s going to do in the long haul is be able to help us prevent major repairs by staying on top of scheduled maintenance. And also being able to better keep track, by having a centralized location.

Why MexLucky

Easy implementation

Intuitive automation


Customizable as per business needs

Scalable for diverse operation sizes



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