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Prioritize safety and compliance to keep your fleet in top condition with a vehicle inspections software. In many industries, such as trucking and transportation, regular vehicle inspections are required by law to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Why perform routine fleet vehicle inspections?

Vehicle inspection software is an important part of keeping fleets safe and compliant. FMCSA requires drivers to keep daily vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) for a minimum of 90 days and fleet vehicles for at least one year.


Increase the life of your vehicle.


Reduced maintenance costs


Reduced unforeseen vehicle downtime and increase uptime, as well as ensure compliance and data consistency with automated reminders and odometer entries.


Increased safety for operators, passengers, and shipment


Manage vehicle & asset assignments with operators to enable driver accountability


You can schedule maintenance and repairs and track mileage and fuel usage.

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How can MexLucky help?

Going digital with electronic daily vehicle inspection reports (eDVIR) can help fleets streamline their operations. Automating vehicle inspection forms is a great way to ensure that all vehicles in the fleet are inspected regularly and any necessary repairs and maintenance are made in a timely manner.

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Electronic DVIR (eDVIR) is an essential tool for fleet managers to ensure that their vehicles are safe and compliant with regulations.


Drivers must go through each task on pre trip fleet vehicle inspection form and flag if any task fails inspection. The time and money spent on manual data entry for vehicle inspections can be drastically reduced with the use of automated inspections, photos, and comments from a mobile device.


Customizable electronic vehicle inspection forms offer fleets an efficient way to conduct inspections, with notifications about vehicle issues sent instantly to fleet managers


MexLucky provides fleet managers with real-time vehicle inspection results, allowing them to address any issues quickly and effectively.

The fleet vehicle inspection process ensures that all vehicles on the road meet safety standards. It includes a visual inspection, which checks for defects, and a mechanical test, which checks for problems with brakes, steering, suspension, and other components.

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